A symbol of POWER, a starter of CONVERSATION, and a solidifier of SUCCESS: the martini is timeless.
But The 4-Martini Lunch isn't for the faint of heart. It's for gentleman who crave sophistication, masculinity, and seclusion. It's for the man who gathers in a study to sit back with a strong drink, smoke a cigar, and shoot the shit with his peers.


Bring out the big and bold flavors of your favorite dishes with Previte's Steak and Meat Seasoning. 



Keith Previte is a TV/film producer and chef. He has worked with companies such as Lionsgate and Emmett/Furla on "Amityville Horror" (2005) and "Borderland" (2007).

Previte's Sicilian heritage provided the foundation for his high-octane style of cooking. With recipes passed down through generations, Previte grew up looking at cooking as a free-form art. The measurements were not in cups or teaspoons but in shakes and handfuls with the burden of truth on taste.

He opened the restaurant ChocoChicken in 2014, which immediately set the fried chicken world on fire with his signature chocolate fried chicken recipe.

Previte hosts "The 4-Martini Lunch" podcast where he talks cocktails, cars, cinema, and cuisine with expert guests from around the world. When he's not experimenting on the perfect steak or driving in the Gumball 3000, Previte can be found in Los Angeles with Raider, his Chihuahua, and probably planning his next Halloween costume while sipping a martini.



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